Mindful Sharing – Caring for a Loved One

Grandparents with Caretaker

Grandparents with Caretaker

What We Do

Caretakers Bible exists to share the challenges that come with assisting a loved one. Here you will find shared experiences of actual events related to caretaking.  The stories relate the emotional and mind boggling situations you find yourself in. You may very well see yourself in these stories.

At the bottom of each story you will find links to detailed technical information and helpful tips. Make sure you follow the links.

You Are Not Alone

We know that there are so many out there who feel alone when they return the love they were given. You are not alone.

There is much gained by sharing experiences. The choice that you made to be responsible for a senior parent or other loved one is both frustrating and rewarding. You will go through so many events that have no roadmap to guide you.

The stories here are real and may be similar to what you have been through. Please give back by sharing your world in the comments section.

One Caretakers’ Situation

Hi there! My mother turned 88 last February. When she moved in with me because she could not make it on her own she believed that she was at the end of her special life. Now, seven years later, she is going strong and creating new relationships with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

And I am still hanging in there providing support, rides to the doctors, and encouragement. I am finding a balance that allows me to live my life while giving my mother a secure and productive life.

Enjoy and be proud of the journey you are taking.