I Have a Softball Game So i Can’t help this Week

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      Milton Galfas

      My brother “D” has always been good about taking my live-in mother out for a couple of hours at least once a week. But there is no real consistency. I can’t depend on him taking her to the grocery store at the same time each week or even taking her every week. He just thinks that I can fill in for him at a moments notice. He doesn’t realize that I am already taking off work for her doctor’s appointments and rushing home to help fix her computer. And of course there are those spur of the moment conversations where she just has to talk.

      The elderly look forward to outside stimulus and visits from family and friends are that stimulus. It is important for them to feel a part of the community and to keep on going. I sometimes find my mother making doctor’s appointments that are not necessary just to have a connection to the world. The visits from my brother and his family on occasion are much more then grocery shopping but rather they are a symbol of being a part of the world and still very much engaged with life.

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