I Miss My Grand-Children During Covid-19

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“Are you going to at least get out of the car?” Jessica, my 32 year old daughter, was sitting in her white SUV with the AC running and the window down. 

“You know I run around with my friends some.” She had a one bedroom apartment right next to her lifelong friend. She had to work and visit customers. Even though she maintained her distance and always wore a mask she was worried. 

“I wish I could give you a hug like we used to. I know this will end but I’m getting tired of it.” My 67 years had not prepared me for this. 

“I would feel really bad if you got it and we hadn’t been careful. I might never forgive myself.” She was voicing what we both knew to be true. 

In this age of Covid-19 virus everything had changed. Many people just ignored it and were spreading it around. We had been warned by the scientists and doctors but many just didn’t care. I was glad Jessica did. 

I sat down on the grass and she stayed in her SUV. We talked about all of the normal things going on in our lives and 15 minutes later we gave each other a Covid hug. A Covid hug was where you each reached your arms out like you were wrapping them around each other… with ten feet of air between you. 

The pandemic had messed up family life. It seems like seniors were found to be dispensable and dying at an alarming rate. I was glad I was not in a nursing or senior home because they were seeing stunning amounts of death. Jessica and her friends were supporting me and my fears. 

So just how do you see your children safely? We all have seen the pictures of seniors locked up in their senior home looking out the windows at their children. That is one way of having a Covid meetup.

The CDC have guidelines they approve. The CDC says if you are outside with a mask on and stay at least six feet away you should be alright. They have also added that you should keep the meetup to under 30 minutes. Strange but definitely something you can do. 

!. Stay outside. 

2. Wear a mask. 

3. Stay at least six feet apart. 

4. Limit the meeting to less than 30 minutes. 

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