Jane is Gone

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“I don’t know if I want to go on without her.” Joe is condensing to me. “The last six weeks of her life were a horror. Even with all the pain killers.”

Jane is Gone
Jane is Gone

“My daughter is crazy. And her kids are too much.” He says right off.

“She was a great woman.” I know my attempts to comfort him are futile. They were married more than fifty years.

“She was. She wasn’t like me. Everyone loved her.”

“Yes they did. I remember the lunch she rewarded me with after helping her buy a new computer. She didn’t want to go to Joe’s because some of her coworkers were there and they might think she was up to something.”

He laughs. “She was always faithful. She kept me in line. I think I might sell the house and move to Colorado to live with my daughter.”

“Will that work? Maybe you can go and spend a week with her to check it out.”

“I’m going next week.”

A month later I meet him cleaning his antique car in his driveway.

“Wow! You need to get used to each other.”

“Maybe I’ll move to Savannah.” He has been crying.

“I don’t want to mess you up but I’m glad if you stay. If going is better for you I’ll miss you.” The prospect of him leaving suddenly hit me.

“My life is here and my friends.”

It is now a year later. Joe has decided to share his house with a lifelong friend who needed a place to stay. On occasion we reminisce about Jane but more often than not we chat about the future.

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