Mother Got The Time Wrong

The Sunset Years

The Sunset Years Can be Stunning and Beautiful

It was Monday morning and I was rushing to pickup my mother for her physical therapy. Of course everything was going wrong. My left from tire was almost flat and I barely made it to a gas station to fill the tire. I called to tell her I was a little late but would have her there by 11:00am.

It is important to call when you are late to make sure that anxiety, which is already running high does not approach a crisis level.

I was on the highway when mother called me. “Physical therapy just called and wanted to know why I wasn’t there at 10:00am. They said they usually charge $35 for missed appointments but would not charge this time. I mixed up the time. I wrote it on my calendar but never checked to make sure.”

I felt terrible for my mother. I knew that I should have checked myself but the physical therapy office refused to send her off with any paperwork for me to look over. They did not have a helpful procedure for older patients and were resentful to have to do any more than necessary.

From now on I will be better at keeping track but this is an ongoing issue that I am not sure has a good resolution.

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