Physical Therapy Wanted a Picture ID


I need this face on a government card.

Last Monday I took my mother to physical therapy. I have been in a constant battle to keep her active and strong so I was really pleased when she told me she was going. Of course it was not from my suggesting (nagging) her for the last 5 years. Her hearing aid had broken and when she went to see about a new one the person there told her she needed physical therapy so that her balance would be better and so would her hearing.

I want to give that audiologist a present because my mother finally was going to see about strengthening her legs. We arrived at the office only to be told that they needed a picture ID to work with her and for insurance verification. My mother has not driven for years and Atlanta is safer for it so she only has a passport and it has the wrong address. I of course wanted to know who would be stealing physical therapy for an 88 year old. They finally accepted her as who she is without a picture ID.

And so began the next adventure to get a legal picture ID for her. What I discovered was that every state’s motor vehicle department has an option to provide a legal picture ID.  I have listed a few links that will get you to your states Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

  1. DMV.ORG – “The DMV Made Simple”
  2. DMV.List – State DMV List, vehicle registration list
  3. – Your advisor for DMV Issues

Make sure you look for IDs on the site.

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