The Eyes Have It

Mother at the Eye Doctor for Glasses

Mother at the Eye Doctor for Glasses

One of the things that all caretakers have to deal with are vision changes. It all starts around 40 when eyes begin to lose elasticity making it difficult to read books and newspapers. This loss of elasticity makes the eyes have changes in vision all through the day. You will often need 2 or 3 pairs of glasses for long distance vision, computer distance, and book/newspaper distance.  As you enter your 60s it becomes necessary to find a different eye doctor than you will find at a neighborhood glass shop.

With this in mind my mother had to progress to the Emory Eye Clinic doctors for glasses. She had already been receiving eye shots for macular degeneration from a macular specialist and glaucoma treatment, (eye drops), from a glaucoma specialist. All of those problems created changing vision and a loss of vision in the left eye that were making it hard for her to keep her lifestyle.

We had to change to more advanced treatment than available from the local eye-glass store.  We made visited a specialist who then recommended the Low Vision doctors at Emory. We had already changed the light bulbs to ‘Daylight’ LED bulbs as recommended by her macular degeneration doctor. These bulbs really helped because they have high contrast.

What we are trying to do is make sure that she can live her life as close to normal as possible. Make sure you stay on top of the vision issue because there are treatments and special equipment that can keep their QOL (Quality of Life) excellent.

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